Registrant-led peer review packs

What are the requirements for peer review?

All GOC registrants must participate in at least one peer review per cycle. Both optometrists and dispensing opticians count as peers of each other for the purposes of the peer review exercise. If you hold a specialty registration you must undertake at least one peer review with peers with the same specialty.

Registrant-led peer review packs on CPDpoints.com

We have prepared packs to help you run a registrant-led peer review, containing case studies and stimulus questions. There are currently packs available on the following topics:

How to run a registrant-led peer review

To run a registrant-led peer review session, you will require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 delegates. The session should last at least 1 hour and a minimum of two cases should be discussed. You should ensure there is sufficient time for a meaningful discussion to take place, and for everyone to contribute and reflect.

All delegates should have access to the cases before the peer review session. For each case there is a set of questions to consider and to help encourage discussion during the session.

A reflective statement to capture your learning in relation to the peer review and an attendance list can be found at the end of the packs. All delegates must complete both documents and submit them as evidence when awarding self-directed CPD points on MyCPD.

If you are a resident outside the UK, you do not have to carry out peer review with other GOC registrants – you can undertake peer review with peers who are not registered with the GOC, provided they are performing equivalent roles within their own countries and the peer review session meets the requirements outlined above.

More information about peer review can be found in the support area of your GOC MyCPD account.


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