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We often get asked how to search for specific content on CETpoints.com. It really couldn't be easier.


You can search for CET by key words. You can use clinical key words such as Glaucoma or Dry Eye but you can also use the key word search to search for Free CET, Interactive CET or even Peer Review. The list of content will update to show only the content we think is relevant to those key words. The results are always presented in date order. The newest content appearing at the top. You can search the whole site from the homepage or just the online CET from the CET page.


CETpoints.com will filter content by competency and profession, to show you only what's relevant to you. First, make sure you have selected the right profession type. When you're logged in the site will default to the profession type you told us at registration. If you're not logged in it will default to Optometrist. But it's easy to change using the drop down list.


Your content will be automatically filtered by the competencies for your profession. Just click or swipe sideways to see a list of content for each competency. CETpoints.com hosts at least one CET course for EVERY competency for EVERY profession type. Remember though that if you apply a keyword search and filter by competency at the same time you may not always see content for every competency.


Every CET course on CET points carries the GOC approval logos to show who it is approved for, what competencies are covered and whether it counts as Interactive CET or Peer Review.


Let us know how you get on searching the site. If your search returns an unexpected result or if you think there are features missing just let us know in the comments below.

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Peter Charlesworth MSc MCOptom

Peter Charlesworth is an optometrist and Chief Executive of CPDpoints.com. He is a former examiner and councillor of the College of Optometrists, a former member of the GOC’s fitness to practise committee and holds an MSc in Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science from the University of Manchester. He was Boots Opticians Tutor Practitioner at the University of Bradford for 7 years. His duties there included teaching the Law and Management module to final year students and a clinical investigative techniques module to the second year.

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