When will I get my CET points?

Completing CET

When you complete CET on CETpoints.com you will receive an on-screen notification that you have completed the course. This notification is always visible whenever you navigate to CET you have completed.

Completed CET notification

You will also receive an email with a link to your CET certificate. Automated emails often get caught in spam, so check your spam or junk folder if you didn't receive it. You can access a record of CET you have completed - and download a CET certificate - at any time in the 'my account' section of the website.

Interactive CET

If you complete interactive CET you MUST choose whether to accept a non-interactive point or to proceed to the interactive discussion. The CET won't be counted as complete until you make a choice. If you choose the interactive option we count your CET as complete when both you and your peer have completed and validated the interactive discussion. If you don't complete the interactive process in 14 days (or by noon on 30 December 2021) we will automatically complete the CET as non-interactive. You will receive a non-interactive CET point and you will no longer be eligible to complete the interactive version or receive interactive points.

Choosing Interactive vs non-interactive CET points

Awarding your CET points

The CET rules give us 10 working days (2 weeks) following completion to upload the CET points to your account. Normally we upload completions to the GOC once a week, usually on a Friday. So you will usually receive CET points on the first Friday following completion. However, unless you urgently require CET points, please don't chase missing points until the 10 day limit has passed.

If you think you are missing CET points, or you're not sure that you've properly completed CET, you can email [email protected] or call 0131 526 3800.

CET scheme deadline

We will carry out our final upload of 2021 at noon on 30 December. We recommend that you complete your annual CET requirement well before the end of the year to allow any queries to be dealt with but any CET you complete with us before noon on 30 December will be included in our final points upload later that day. Remember you still have to accept your points in MyGOC no later than 31 December.

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Posted by Morgan Cahill - 02/06/2017 11:14

I am a menber of the association of optometrists Ireland and was wondering how you interact with CORU the new governing body. Is it up to me to inform them of the CET I have carried out with you or do you communicate with them?

Posted by Eyecare Support - 02/06/2017 11:42

Hello, thanks for your comment. With regards to your CET points and CORU, you would self certify your points. Your certificates are stored on your online account with ourselves and can be accessed at anytime should CORU require them. Thanks.

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